Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spoilt by Cupcake Couture

Recently I met with lovely Nadia from Cupcake Couture. We caught up over choc pancakes and cuppacino's! Nadia is very inspiring and full of creative ideas. Its no wonder that's her field. She is a consultant with heaps of advice on blogging, marketing, special events and more!  

Nadia spoilt me with this gift - wrapped up with such special care. It also had a bunny doily tag, which I somehow misplaced. I found a retro cup with a stunning Cupcake Couture Corsage inside. Yes she also makes these corsages! Nadia had no idea but the colours she chose are my favourite! Love it so much, thank you Nadia! Its worth a visit to Cupcake Couture for more of Nadia's beautiful product range! 

How cute is the little "tin bird"?!

The flower design on the mug and the corsage colours are so me!

Custom made Corsages from Cupcake Couture 

Keepsakes Range from Cupcake Couture

*Last two pics from http://www.lovecupcakecouture.co.za

Monday, June 25, 2012

Le Crueset - You've done it again!

I would love this Garlic Keeper from Le Crueset. So handy and stylish, plus its in my favourite colour... Dune - love it!!

Le Crueset's practical yet stylish Garlic Keeper