Monday, June 27, 2011

I want this mug

The essential item to house your coffee or tea. Here are some truly avant-garde mugs.  Which is your favourite? 

Are you tired of telling people how you take your coffee or tea? 
Then this tea, coffee, milk or sugar mug is for you...

For the practical joker, these Peter Bruegger Moustache mugs are perfect! 

I think they should've made two of these. One for the optimist too. However, if you are the doom and gloom type then this Pessimist mug is for you...

Have you ever been at a function and you don't know where to put that used up teabag? The host forgot to put out a used teabag bowl. Your other option is to have it scrunched up on your saucer, not attractive to look at. All ends well with the Tea Bag Coffin designed by Jonas Trampedach. 
Simply bury your teabag under the cup. RIP.

Irked at the work place? The Punch coffee mug is ideal, it will 
definitely get your message across.

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