Thursday, September 15, 2011


If you like me and you have missed the deadline to send a thank you card by post, a birthday card to family overseas or simply a novel way to send a party invite to friends, this has to be one of may favourite internet finds. Smilebox is a simple way to send e-cards etc. but the great part is that you can also personalise them with your own pic's. 

The download is free. There are so many designs to choose from and you even get 3 tune choices to play with your card. Music is a tad cheeezy but still one can't be fussy when its for free! You can pay for the full version and get extra's like adding your own music. For Christmas they had one design in particular for kids which was very special. Each of my children got a turn to 'send' a card with their wish list to Santa and the surprise was that he wrote back. The thought behind the design was amazing and my children were absolutely delighted that they got a letter from the guy in the red suit. Crikey! I just realised its 3 months to go until Christmas.

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