Monday, January 9, 2012

Fellow i heart traders ~ Part i

Last year was a whirlwind of baking for me. Looking forward to a better and brighter new year. I met some lovely people at i heart market where I sold most of my baked goodies. Thought you would like to meet some of the traders that I managed to take pics of... 

Under the I heart tent 2011

Ellen from Angelic Fragrances, has a range of aromatherapy room sprays made with 100% natural essential oils. She has quite a range, which are made for specific uses. I love the Angelic fragrance I purchased.

Angelic Fragrances

Sprays & oils

Irene from Lulu - Yesteryear Redeemed. She always has a fascinating assortment of vintage wares on her table. Irene also sells her charming collectables online.

Lulu - Yesteryear Redeemed


Love this lamp

Terry Angelos has an array of artwork which is quirky and so appealing. I love her subject matter of birds, bunnies and robots and the way she renders them. Terry can be contacted through her blog the windmill diary.

Terry with her original pieces 

Block canvas pieces - how does one choose?!!

Uniquely hand crafted journals by Terry

Owl jar holding the key
to wisdom & humility


My Underground Attic said...

:-) Lovely post! Your bisciuts went down very well with my guests. Luxurious - thanks, will buy again.

Tin Bird said...

It was a pleasure! So happy to hear everyone enjoyed the treats.