Sunday, February 12, 2012

Leek & Goat's Cheese Phyllo Parcels by Tina Bester

I've become a steadfast fan of Tina Bester Queen of Tarts. I got her book Bake last year, and I'm very keen to acquire her other recipe books. I made these leek & goat's cheese parcels for a friends Christmas party in December. They lasted I think 2 mins. I got the recipe from her book Bake. I'm super impressed by her recipes. I've only made these parcels and her cupcakes so far. Her ingredients are easy to come by; the recipes are simple to follow and the end result is delicious! I'm also a sucker for good photography, which combined with the layout is just gorgeous.

Look at the sunny egg leek!

Phyllo square sheets

Parcels before adding cream filling and being baked

Ta daaah!

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