Monday, August 22, 2011

Princess Party Part 1

Here are some pics I took of some things I made for my daughter's birthday. I also used my hubby's work camera, but he forgot the cable at work so I can't download the pics. (Those will come in Part 2). 

The theme was a princess party and if she could get her way, everything would've been purple - her favourite colour at the moment. My hubby helped me with the princess cake which turned out better than expected since it was my first attempt. He helped keep my sanity 'til 2 am. I like to make the cake at night and then surprise my children in the morning. Unfortunately she got there before me so I missed the actual moment she saw her princess. When we brought the cake out at the party she was literally screaming so I think I got her stamp of approval!

I made unicorn shortbread biscuits with butterfly necklaces for the 'party packs' which her friends could take home. Yesterday we had birthday ring at her school; I also made fairy cupcakes for her class. Of course the unicorn one was a special one for her. Happy Birthday my little principessa!

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