Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thank you Cleo

Thanks to Cleo Fitzgerald my son has an amazing continental pillow. It has been handmade and designed by Cleo. She has a day job and does this 'hobby' in her spare time! This lady should have her own shop; she is a hidden gem in Durban!  We got together for coffee after I saw some of her portfolio pieces. Then I commissioned her to do a pillow for my son's room.  Cleo was very quick with her design ideas and suggested a silhouette of his face. She suggested the beautiful blue denim to match his bedspread and the piping detail in the vintage fabric - such a nice touch! All I had to do was take a photo of him and the rest was all her talent! 

I found this amazing vintage fabric years ago; which has been stored in my cupboard having no purpose in life. Let me just rewind here - I do not sew, only repair buttons. I have zero patience for it, so I salute anyone who has the talent for it. Wish I did but I don't, now that that's out the way... 

Here are some pic's of my son's room with his favourite pillow; he refuses to take it off his bed - he just loves it so much! Check out the vintage fabric - love it! The handy tog bag behind his door was a gift for his birthday, last year from Cleo. The other pics are just some of the awesome things she has designed and made. If you want to contact Cleo you can inbox her:

Thanks Cleo - you rock! Now if only I can convince hubby to have the 'pink bird in birdcage' cushions for our bedroom!

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