Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Eek 5 days left and due to being a busy baker I have not finished Christmas shopping. I've added this cheesy Christmas countdown widget to my blog for my kids of course. Click on the link under the widget to go to their site. There's some others to choose from and instructions how to add it yours - if you so desire!

I always have a moment that I yearn for a white Christmas. No chance of that in humid Durban. I don't long for the freezing temperatures. But the dreaminess of the snow and the whimsy it brings to Christmastime. Click on images for their sources.

Love this

Massive trees laden with snow

Snow Angel

Little snowmen in protest apparently

Caribou ~ otherwise known as reindeer


My Underground Attic said...

Lovely Christmas pics. Makes one feel nostalgic. Thanks for the great Biscotti, nuts and Choc chip cookies, our guests loved them!

Tin Bird said...

Thanks for your comment. Great to hear you all enjoyed your treats ~ Have an awesome Christmas.