Monday, December 5, 2011

Parisian Party

There's been a lack of posting, this is always when I'm busy baking in the kitchen. I've had a lot of orders recently; so blessed to have all this support. A friend commissioned me to do some baking for her daughters birthday party. It had a parisian theme with her little girl's silhouette as a feature. Her mom had 'a vision' for the party and I was thrilled to be a part of this special girls big day.

I made large eiffel tower cookies that were iced in deep pink and lilacs with a white piping decoration. I also made 3 tier cupcakes. There was some planning involved. The colours of the cupcake liners; the layers of fondant colours and what decorations to use and also their colours. It all came together with gold, mother-of-pearl and dusky pink balls set in the piping. Layers of white and pink fondant and finally a good dusting of edible gold glitter. 

Mom had some terrific ideas for the theme and all the little touches really made it special. The children played pass the parcel and other games. The biggest hit with the girls, (besides the cake) was a make-up station. I took a few photos to give you an idea how a simple silhouette added here and there can carry a theme. It was a lovely day and beautiful family memories were made.

Party table

Bubbles for children to take home

Bouquet of lollipops in a garden urn

3 tier cupcakes and pink paper
cups with silhouette decorations.

Silhouette bunting.
The pink & lilac pegs are so cute

Little Eiffel cookies

Eiffel Towers adorn some cupcakes

Simple but pretty decorations
with a garland of flower lights & ribbon

Close-up of 3 tier cupcakes

3 tier cupcakes placed in gold crown liners

Pastel vintage china.
Love the pink sugar crystals added to the sugar bowl

Found this charming pillow in birthday girls room

Vanilla sponge cake topped with
fresh cream & strawberries

So clever ~ cheesecake on a heart-shaped doily.
An ornate chocolate frame captures
birthday girls chocolate cocoa silhouette

Macaron tower on top of pink cake
with moulded choc silhouettes.

Birthday cake halfway through destruction

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My Underground Attic said...

So much creative fun and hard work. A very lucky girl to have a party like that!