Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm in Gianduia Heaven

My all time favourite Italian chocolate is Gianduia. The brand that I first tried is Perugira; I love their Pegasus logo. This cioccolatto is the most indescribable melt-in-your-mouth little pieces of heaven. I can't gush enough they are so good!

I nearly did the dance of joy when I saw the Gianduiotti sitting on a Dis-chem shelf, of all places a few weeks ago. Its the brown bag on the right with hazelnuts. The hazelnut flavour is sublime. My in-laws recently went to a family wedding in Italy and thoughtfully brought us back a whole tub of the plain chocolate. My husband may have to fight me for them! Please click on images for their links.

My precious stash of Gianduia (notice mine - no sharing)

Perugira Gianduiotti

Love this packaging in the Italian colours

Oh heaven ~ a Gianduia Christmas tree

Simple but elegant packaging.

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